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The beep test should be performed before and after any 12 week boot camp course so that we all know what fitness level we started at and what we’ve finished at. It’s a great warm up before anything major and it’s actually a great workout!

The test has been variously described as the beep or bleep test, multi-stage fitness test or MSFT/MST, 20 meter shuttle run test, yo-yo endurance test, Pacer test, Aero tests. In French it is called the ‘Test de Luc-Léger’!

What is a beep test?

It’s a series of stages that have different tasks sometimes used by sports coaches and trainers to estimate an athlete’s VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake). The pacer test is “progressive aerobic cardiovascular endurance test “. The test is used to measure fitness levels for places like the police force, army, navy, NASA & especially used for players of sports like rugby, football, Australian rules football, Gaelic football, hurling, hockey, netball, handball, tennis, squash, fitness testing in schools and colleges plus many other sports. It’s employed on an international lever for many sporting teams as an accurate test of cardiovascular fitness, one of the more important components of Fitness.

Whether your goal is to achieve a score of 5.1 for the police, a 7.5 for the military or a 12.6 to play professional soccer, the beep test is a great way to measure your fitness level before and after a new training regime.


  1. You must continuously run from cone to cone in time with the “beeps”
  2. If you reach a cone early, you must wait there until you hear the “beep”
  3. You are considered “out” when you fail to reach 2 cones in a row
  4. You can keep score by using the score sheet download it by clicking here

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You can see where you scored below:


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