Q: I’ve made my purchase. How to I access them now?

A: Have a look at the top menu for  “Boxing Notes”, “Boxing Videos”, “Tutorials”, “Boot Camp”.
Making sure that you’re logged in to your account, hover your mouse over the menu items stated above for your a new drop down menu which contains your purchase. For smart devices, you need to tap it once for the drop down menu to appear.

www.boxingworkoutideas.com - where's my notes


Q: After purchase, how long will I have access to the content?

A: Lifetime. You will be able to access the content from any device by logging into your account. Just be aware that your login IP number is recorded on your account. What is an IP number? Just google: “What’s my IP” and the Google will show you what your IP number is. Every internet connection has an IP number. Much like every human has their own, unique name. More or less so i know how many IP numbers are logging into your account.


Q: How many sessions do I get in every boxing pack?

A: You get 4 full sessions in each pack and they are 45-60 minute in duration. All you need to do is work out how you want them.
Notes ($19), videos ($24) or both (full access $29)


Q: After I’ve made a purchase, can I exchange my order?

A: I’ve never been asked this question yet but if I were asked then the answer would be “Hellz No!”. All sales are final. My classes are all good and can even be tweaked by you. Some sessions are more intense than others but ALL of them are solid workouts and are what group fitness managers & clients are currently paying me to do at their fitness centres & events.


Q: Music?? Why no music in your videos?

A: Well imagine I LOVED Justin Beiber? (lol) I’ve purposely recorded the videos without music so that YOU, the viewer can play your own motivating music as you watch and train with us! All you really need is a clear view of your TV, then crank up my audio and your music!


Q: Do you do personal boxing sessions? Where are you located?

A: Yes! Personal sessions all the way up to corporate fitness events in Melbourne, Australia. Just send me a message if you want me at your event.


Q: When will new notes be available?

A: As soon as they are done! Join the Mailing-List for email notification once a new pack is ready for purchase. Also as apart of the Mailing-List, I send out weekly tips & tricks videos to help make your boxing class awesome! You should sign up. Also, join the Facebook fan page for updates and other boxing fitness related stuff.


Q: Videos won’t play! Whats going on?

A: The main reason for this is you might have extremely slow internet and streaming video will require ‘buffering’ time. If this is the case you will have to play the video then press pause until it fully loads up to have an uninterrupted video play. ALSO, since I film in 1080p HD quality, you might want to switch off the HD option. Just click the letters ‘HD’ so that it isn’t highlighted anymore. You will find the ‘HD’ button on the bottom right of the video. Switching HD off will dramatically speed up the video for you.


Q: Do you have different price gift cards?

A: Yes! Just send me a message with your request and i’ll create a gift card for you with your preferred amount


Q: Can I also leave you a testimonial on your site like other trainers have?

A: Yes! I’d love that! It will help me a lot if you send me a testimonial via the Contact Me form, so I can add it to the site. This helps new visitors see that other trainers like yourself are using my site with confidence. Please read below for all the legal stuff.

x.1 If you submit a testimonial/praise to me using the “testimonial” button in the Contact Me form, then you agree that I may publish your testimonial, together with your name and any logo that may represent your business. Also to be placed on this website, on a page and in such position as I may determine in my sole discretion.

x.2 You further agree that I may edit the testimonial and publish edited or partial versions of the testimonial. However, I will never edit a testimonial in such a way as to create a misleading impression of your views. In other words, I may correct spelling & grammar or shorten it if it’s too long.