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Boot Camp Session – Freebie

Warm up:

  • Easy shadow skipping, shadow kicks, shadow knees, shadow punching, jump jacks, scissors pulsing side to side, butt kicks, body weight calf raises, slow squats, sky punches, slow situps, easy pushups, medium speed shuttle runs.
  • Use this time to explain about session ahead.

Duration: 5 minutes

 The Extended Warmup:

For the extended warm up, we need groups of 2. So partner everyone up. It would be ideal that we have the very fittest with the very non fittest. Essentially we are going for a run around the oval, or park, or what have you. One camper runs clockwise while their partner runs anti-clock wise. Once they meet, they both drop down for 20 pushups and then run back the way they came until they meet again! On the second time they meet, they both do another exercise and so on until we hit the 15 minutes mark.

Partnering the weak with the strong gives everyone a change to work at their own pace without falling behind! Because if you partner the weak with the weak, then they may never meet to do their pushups! We might in fact need to send out a search party lol So the strong can cut some of the slack which is great!

I’ve made an image to explain this workout. It’s at the bottom. In the 12 Weeks Boot Camp Course, i’ve made loads of these images to help explain the course layout.

Meet Again Exercises:

  • 20 pushups
  • 40 squats
  • 60 situps
  • 80 jump jacks
  • 100 scissors

Duration: 15 – 20 minutes.

Cross Fit Styled Smasher!

In this session we have 3 rounds. Round 1 has 14 exercises and we drill them all for 30 seconds each. Round 2 has 12 exercises and we drill them all for 45 seconds each. Round 3 has 10 exercises and we drill them all for 60 seconds each. OK let’s start.

  • Round 1 we have 14 exercises. Campers are to drill each exercise for 30 seconds before moving onto the next exercise down the list. Doing all 14 exercises without stopping the timer should take you exactly 7 minutes to complete. After round 1 is finished, give them a 1-2 minutes break. During the break, tell the campers that in round 2 all the exercises go for 45 seconds each and they have the chance to vote 2 exercises out for that round!
  • Round 2 we now have 12 exercises to drill for 45 seconds each. Again, work down the line so you don’t get confused! Doing all exercises without stopping the timer should take you exactly 9 minutes to complete. Once done, give them another 1-2 minutes break and again during the break, tell the campers that round 3 goes for 60 seconds each and they can vote another 2 exercises out!
  • Round 3 we now have 10 exercises to drill for 60 seconds each. Work down the line so you don’t get confused. Doing all exercises without stopping the timer should take you exactly 10 minutes to complete.
    Good luck!

The 14 Exercises:

  1. Plyometric squats
  2. Pushups
  3. Plyometric lunge
  4. Mt climber
  5. Jump jacks
  6. Fast shadow jabs in front stance
  7. 1 quarter tuck jumps
  8. Scissors
  9. Burpees
  10. Air jacks
  11. Plyometric pushups
  12. Lay down & get ups
  13. Contralateral limb raise (lay on stomach and raise “right leg” & “left arm” then swap)
  14. Flutter kicks

Duration: 29-32 minutes.

Cool down and stretch

As a coach you should get them to stretch all muscles used in todays session. Also, make it a rule that whilst you are stretching that you ask them whats for lunch! Or dinner! Talk about healthy eating, google some healthy nutritional facts to tell them during the stretch like “bad vs good cholesterol” which is found here on my site. Talk about balancing your foods and exercise (input vs output), alcohol and junk moderation, food portion sizes etc, super foods, antioxidant foods, etc. As fitness pros, we are the ones who are supposed to know this stuff and it’s that extra bit of service that people love if we can educate them on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Duration: 5 minutes