Boxing Notes Pack #12

//Boxing Notes Pack #12

Boxing Notes Pack #12


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Workout 1
“The backwards workout” – You know we always go forward in life. Sometimes it’s good to go backwards so you have a clear view of where you were going. And also there are a shit load of punches!

Workout 2
“The personal trainer” – This one is AWESOME! Definitely different and such a cool idea. This is another “groups of three” routine.

Workout 3
This one has you boxing as much as you are exercising! The padder has a 50% workload while the boxer is smashing a 100% workload! No running during this workout. Just boxing and exercises. Work against the clock!

Workout 4
With plyometrics in mind, this workout here will smash your calories hard! It raises your cardio super quick with 6 simple 2:30 rounds.

All you need is gloves and pads!

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4 reviews for Boxing Notes Pack #12

  1. Hamana

    Always fun workouts the class love them ….. shot bro

  2. Rhonda

    Makes my job easier, and my clients really enjoy the variation on offer. Thanks!

  3. Jarred


  4. Philippa

    Bloody brilliant sessions…easy to follow and adapt if needed! UK Boxfit loving your work!!!!! xx

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