Boxing Notes Pack #9

//Boxing Notes Pack #9

Boxing Notes Pack #9


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Workout 1
“The Booty Boxing Workout” Do I need to say more? Be prepared for some serious legs and ass pain the next day!

Workout 2
Smash & Burn! Just so you know, a Smash & Burn class means we have about 70% or more punching to 30% or less anything else. That said, if you can complete this whole session, you would’ve thrown 2700 punches and have done 450 exercises. Ouch!

Workout 3
A series of punches and exercises that the whole class loved! Challenging for all. So easy to do. Once you read this one you’ll think to yourself “Doi! Why didn’t i think of that!”

Workout 4
Have you ever wanted to attack your coach? Here is your chance! The members absolutely loved this one. Gave them all a crack at the title! Tired them out HARD! ★ FREE small educational video is included to help you smash this one

All you need is gloves and pads!

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  1. jon

    Great resource here Tommy. Workout 1 and 2 were really hard. I’m going to also buy some other ones i hope they are as good as these ones. Will be in touch.

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