Full Access Pack #11

//Full Access Pack #11

Full Access Pack #11


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Workout 1
We have the first filming for the extremely popular “UFC styled boxing routine” class! This one is the 3rd one we’ve done! This is tough guys! Really, really tough!

Workout 2
The shoulder and abs blaster! With 12 full minutes worth of abs! This had my boxers hurting for days!

Workout 3
This class is filled with loads of 2 minute rounds. In the actual class we use 8 different rounds all up. I’ve actually written up 16 rounds for you in the notes! This workout gives the boxers the chance smash out the routine and rest before the next round starts.

Workout 4
This style of class gives the boxers and padders control of the class! Easy to set up, easy for you to train with them too!

All you need is gloves and pads!

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2 reviews for Full Access Pack #11

  1. Richie Bandell

    Yes! I was hoping for a ufc filming to see how you do it. Classes are fantastic as usual. Very creative and the videos are extremely helpful to make sure I’m doing it right. Please keep making the full access Tommy

  2. Jesse

    This is freaking ACE!!!!

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