Full Access Pack #3

//Full Access Pack #3

Full Access Pack #3


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Workout 1
We have another Smash & Burn session with 2 great rounds! Round 1 sets you up for the second round which is an absolute smasher!

Workout 2
We have random combos for round 1 and a creativity section for you in round 2!

Workout 3
We have an Around The World session which has the boxers moving around the room.

Workout 4
We have a great 2 & 1 blasters! My class really loved this one!

All you need is gloves and pads!

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2 reviews for Full Access Pack #3

  1. danielle

    It’s great to have the videos along with the notes. I liked workout 4 the best. Very happy with my purchase. Hoping that you make more of the full access!!

  2. Ben

    Nice work with the site. Thanks for the great notes this really helps me out

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