Full Access Pack #1

//Full Access Pack #1

Full Access Pack #1


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Workout 1
A great introduction to isometric training and how you will now use it in every session in the future for ever and ever. We give the padders a taste of power! 4 BIG rounds. Featuring the classic 1, 2, 3, 4 workout!

Workout 2
A mini Smash & Burn session with a mini combo section. The combo section is a great mental training session too! You need to think quick!

Workout 3
We have a great cross theme, a great running theme and a competition idea for everyone to compete against each other!

Workout 4
A few small ideas put together to make a class. Can also be broken up into sections and used in those situations when you have 10 minutes spare and don’t know what to do other than abs!

All you need is gloves and pads! (and $29 =p)

First time shoppers should go for Full Access at least once!

2 reviews for Full Access Pack #1

  1. Wayne

    Hello great notes! Happy i found you. The notes in here are well written and easy to understand. I first bought the first full access and was happy to buy more. Watching the video helped me understand how you actually coach and explain it to your class. I will be a customer for while i think. You’ve taken the hard work out of it. I feel more confidant to include boxing with my clients. Thanks Tommy

  2. ray

    Absolutely brilliant. They way you explained the isometric exercise in the beginning is excellent. Your members responded so well to it. I’ll do this from now on. You have such great tips and ideas here Tommy this is the best website i’ve found to help run my boxing classes. I cannot Thank You enough mate A+

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