Boxing Notes Pack #1

//Boxing Notes Pack #1

Boxing Notes Pack #1


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You are purchasing the notes for Pack #1

If you are a boxing for fitness coach and can read notes easily then buying the boxing notes only is perfect for you. However, If you are anything like me and you need to watch the video as an instructional resource to see how I conduct the class using these notes then you should definitely buy the Full Access Pack #1 which contains all these notes and also the videos that go with them for only $10 more. Remember you are getting 4 notes and 4 videos there! They are FULL videos of the ENTIRE class from start to finish.

Workout 1
We give the padders a taste of power! 4 BIG rounds. Starting off with an explanation about isometric and why it’s important to use it in a boxing class. Featuring the classic 1, 2, 3, 4 workout!

Workout 2
A mini Smash & Burn session with a mini combo section. The combo section is a great mental training session too! You need to think quick!

Workout 3
We have a great cross theme, a great running theme and a competition idea for them to compete against each other!

Workout 4
A few small ideas put together to make a class. Can also be broken up into sections and used in those situations when you have 10 minutes spare and don’t know what to do other than abs!

All you need is gloves and pads!

First time shoppers should go for Full Access at least once!


2 reviews for Boxing Notes Pack #1

  1. Robert

    Hey love these classes Tommy. Can i request you to make more of that smash and burn calorie workouts? My Thump class loved it! Thanks heaps

  2. Mick

    Thanks for these awesome Boxing/Bootcamp Packs. They have helped me with fresh Idea’s for a long time now. Highly recommend to help you take your bootcamps to the next level. The $19 will be the biggest investment you have made for your clients

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